The Power of Mediation.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which a mutually-selected, impartial mediator helps people involved in controversies to reach an outcome of their own making, which may include the resolution of issues and the preservation of vital relationships. Mediation has the broadest application and the greatest potential for resolving disputes and reconciling conflicts.  Mediation provides a process by which a mutually satisfactory outcome can be reached which is statistically more successful and features a higher rate of compliance than trial judgments.  A negotiated settlement will often provide for more flexible and creative solutions than those offered by the courts. In addition, there is little of the resentment that often accompanies a court-imposed solution when both parties voluntarily enter into a mediated settlement agreement.  

Having specialized as a trial attorney both for the federal government and in private practice, and then serving as Circuit Judge for thirty years, Retired Judge Seeley brings a unique blend of civil trial experience to the table to assist in your mediation.

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